mercoledì 16 luglio 2014



Some funny characters I made for Germany.

venerdì 11 luglio 2014

Florence - hand drawn map

A detail from an hand drawn map of Florence,
showing Palazzo Vecchio on the left, Piazza della Signoria
and the Uffizi Museum on the right.

mercoledì 28 maggio 2014

E-bike tour in Sintra

When you're in Portugal, you can't miss a tour on e-bike just around the town of Sintra.
The tour have 3 different paths of 6, 13 and 23 kilometers.

To me, the most impressive site is the lighthouse in Cabo da Roca (Cape Rock) just in front of the Atlantic Ocean.

giovedì 15 maggio 2014

Florence Map

A turist map of the home of Reinassance.
However, my favourite churches are not on it:
Santa Croce, where some immortals as Galileo and Michelangelo are buried.
A statue of  Dante, who was banned from Florence and buried in Ravenna, gives a scornful look at the town.

Santa Maria Novella, just in front of the Railway Station, with frescos by Michelangelo and his teacher Domenico Ghirlandaio.
But to me this place is more linked to this song dated back to 1980.

sabato 10 maggio 2014

Teen Driver Safety Program - Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s Highway Safety Plan for 2014 
includes a dedicated Teen Driver Safety Program.

martedì 1 aprile 2014

Color mood boards

An illustrations for Colorforward newsletter.
It reminds me "The Devil Wears Prada".

giovedì 6 marzo 2014

Russian gas addicted nations

I spend one rainy afternoon with my 4 years son Raffaele coloring the flames on this infographic about the russian gas export.
More infos are available here:

lunedì 3 marzo 2014

Ukraine Crisis: Comparing Gross Domestic Product

A picture depicting how big is the GDP of some countries (Italy included) made for the data-journalism course at newspaper La Stampa.
(For non italian readers: Lazio is the region when Rome is located.)

sabato 1 febbraio 2014

Diversity management in italian firms part.2

new draft about this project

Candida Diet

Whato food to eat? What to avoid?
2 infographics about candida infection.

mercoledì 29 gennaio 2014

domenica 12 gennaio 2014

Sketching in Vasto

Some sketches done in my hometown.
At the swinning pool.

Gossips at Spritz Bar
At doctor's waiting room.
Old friends in Piazza Pudente
Making statement at Tax Office
Cigarette and beer at Jolly Bar