martedì 12 aprile 2016

Easter procession in Vasto

Some funny cartoons about Easter procession in my hometown.

venerdì 8 gennaio 2016

Il cavalier Enzo

Remembering  Enzo Ronzitti (1934-2012) a very joyful guy.

venerdì 25 dicembre 2015

Merry Xmas

The reindeer: If he don't learn to avoid drones, we have to look for another job.

martedì 8 dicembre 2015

Santa Chiara Greenmarket

A glimpse of Vasto's greenmarket.

domenica 9 agosto 2015

How Fattening is Your Candy Buffet?

Ask My Wedding Decor to learn more.

Middle East maps

Some maps of the most troubled part of the world made for a series of articles by Davide Maria De Luca.

domenica 2 agosto 2015

HMS Pinafore caricatures

I'm not publishing for a while, stuck into several projects.
Here some samples from H.M.S. Pinafore (one of the most successful play from Gilbert & Sullivan)
Ralph Rackstraw

The Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Porter

venerdì 15 maggio 2015

Veggie Burger recipe

Veggie burger recipe for Gourmet Italian, a company located in Youngstown (Ohio).


martedì 14 aprile 2015

domenica 12 aprile 2015

venerdì 27 marzo 2015

domenica 1 marzo 2015

Cheltenham Festival

Mad about racehorse?
You must go the the Cheltenham Festival, at least just to drink Guinness and eat sandwich.
Don't worry, there is no dress code.

martedì 13 gennaio 2015

New Diving Resort in Indonesia

A new resort for diving and swimming located in Lembeh (Indonesia)

More infos here.

domenica 30 novembre 2014

Weather objects.

And old client of mine asked some weather elemets to put on a map I've previously done.
It took me just less than a couple of hours, using 80% of time to planning how to do and the remaining 20% just to draw them.

venerdì 28 novembre 2014

Budapest ghetto map

One of my latest project was about the Budapest ghetto (below just a detail of the map).

Its center is the Great Synagogue on Dohany street, perhaph the largest in Europe (but here in Rome we have also a very beautiful one. On the left of the picture, you can see the Jewish Museum, then the arcades of the Heros temple and on the back the plants of the Raul Wallenberg memorial. The building on the right is the seat of the Jewish Federation in Hungary.