giovedì 31 ottobre 2013

Beginners guide to surfing

One of the best infographic I've ever done.


Body studies

The main picture done on Cintiq

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NOTICIAS -- Godzilla Surf's Cool - Escola de Surf em Matosinhos ha detto...

Hello Gino, my name is rodrigo Lacerda"Godzilla" and i have a surf school and camp in Porto and Algarve in Portugal. I just want to say that is the best infographic about surfing i ever saw, i work a lot with biginners and i would like to know if it is possible for me to by a printable infographic to put in my school, i always give my students a bigginner kit with some instructions and do you think it is possible that you can sell a version editable so i can put in portuguese so i can offer to my students when they subscrib to my school? Once agai a perfect work, hope to ear from you soon , Godzilla ( that is the name of the school you can check ou facebook and site :)

Rob Ross ha detto...

Hello, I love this infographic! Is it possible to get it in high resolution?

Gino Selva ha detto...

@Rob Ross
Please reach me on